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Transfer/Promotion etc
  Section : S-IV(B)

No. 310/78/75-B(D) (Vol. II)
Government Of India
Ministry Of Information & Broadcasting

New Delhi, Dated: 14.7.1981.


The Director General,
All India Radio,
New Delhi

Subject:- Transfer Policy.

I am to say that in supersession of all previous orders issued on the subject either by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting or by the Directorate General, All India Radio, it has been decided that subject to experience of public service, the transfers of personnel employed in All India Radio should henceforth be regulated by the following principles:-

i) The stations/offices of All India Radio will be categorised in to 'A', 'B' and 'C' categories, as indicated in Annexure, for the purpose of fixation of tenure of personnel at these Stations/Offices. This categorisation may be reveiwed by the Government from time to time.

ii) The normal tenure at Stations/offices categorised as 'A' and 'B' will be four years and at stations/offices categorised as 'C' will be two years.

iii) Locally recruited, members of staff of Group'D' and other low paid employees would normally not be transferred except on promotion or on receipt of a written request from the employee in question.

iv) Transfer of the other non-gazetted staff posted at Category 'A' and 'B' stations may not be made as a matter of routine after expiry of the normal tenure of four years.

v) The tenure of mainland recruits at AIR, Port Blair, will however, be invariably four years(fixed) on completion of which they shall be transferred.

vi) Normally on first appointmnet as a Station Director, an officer will be posted at a 'B' station before being considered for holding charge at an 'A' station.

vii) An Assistant Station Director on his first promotion/appointment, will not be posted to an auxillary Centre where he has to work independently. Likewise, a Station Engineer on his first promotion will not be posted to an Auxillary Centre where he will be head of the Station.

viii) At lower levels in the Programme Cadre, officers will normally be given an opportunity to serve at both 'B' and 'A' Stations, to enable them to gain experience of all aspects of broadcasting.


 ix) When the question of transfer is considered, as a normal rule, a person with the longest continuous stay at the station, irrespective of the rank(s) held by him earlier, should ordinarily be transferred first. For this purpose, the service rendered at a station as a local recruit will not be taken in to consideration on for determining the length of continuous stay at thet Station. Also, the actual period of continuous service at the site(s) of installation(s) will be excluded for computation of continuous is more than ninety days in a calender year.

x) As far as possible, every employees will be posted to a category 'C' station at least once during his service.

xi) Persons who already had a spell of posting at a 'C' station would not be posted to such a station a second time if there are candidates in the same grade who are still to be posted to such a station. They may, however, be posted again on promotion.

xii) Persons over the age of 45 years shall not be ordinarily posted to a station of high altitude, which term for the purpose will mean a station located at an altitude, of 2250 or more above mean sea level.

xiii) For the purpose of determining the date of completion of his tenure, all kinds of leave availed of by an officer after posting to Category 'C' station will be excluded except the leave availed of by him, during his such posting, upto the extent of "Earned Leave" earned by him at that station.

xiv) The head of the main station authorised to make recruitment may review the position of Transmission Executives posted at Category 'C' station will before completion of tenure at the station and forwarded proposals to the Directorate regarding transfers of those persons to other stations after ascertaining the preference of the persons concerned.

xv) Regional offices/sections concerned in the Directorate should, at the commencement of a year, prepare a list of those whose tenure at Category 'C' stations is due to be completed during that year. Proposals to post substitutes in their places would be formulated well ahead of the actual completion of tenure. Those who are due for promotion and who have not done a term of posting at any category 'C' station would be posted to a category 'C' station on promotion.

xvi) Six months before expiry of normal tenure of posting at a station, an employee may indicate his choice of minimum of three different stations where he would like to be preferably posted and such option may be taken into consideration before his next posting is decided.

xvii) If an official offers himself for a posting at any of the category 'C' stations, a suitable note will be made of the offer and to the extent possible such an offer would be accepted.

xviii) In case an official posted at a category 'C' station is willing to continue at that station not withstanding completion of his normal tenure there, he may not be transferred from that station, unless the conditions other than the tenure justify his transfer from that station.

xix) Posting/transfer orders of an employee who is serving at a category 'C' to a category'A' or 'B' station on completion of his tenure at a category 'C' station shall be issued at least one month before the completion of his tenure.

xx) In the matter of posting, officials who have not already been posted at a particular station, shall have precedence over others who have already had full tenure at that station.

xxi) Members of staff who are within three years of reaching the age of superannuation, will, if posted at their home town, not be shifted there from, if it becomes necessary to post them elsewhere, offers will be made to shift them to or near their home towns to the extent possible.

xxii) The transfers of members of staff who have been given specialised training, either in India or abroad, and those who are found to have aptitude for research work will be guided by consideration of fully utilising their training/talents, than by any other considerations herein.

xxiii) Only the Chief Executive of the Central Body of a recognised Association/Union/Federation as defined in the constitution of that Association/Union/Federation, or where the Chief Executive has not been specifically thereof, may, if he is posted at a station office outside Delhi/New Delhi, be brought on transfer to a station Office at Delhi/New Delhi. In case, however, he is already posted at a station/office in Delhi/New Delhi, he will not be transferred to a station/office outside Delhi/New Delhi so long as he continuous to hold the office by virtue of which he is entitled to be retained at Delhi/New Delhi.

xxiv) Efforts will be made to the extent possible to see that husband and wife serving in All India Radio and Doordarshan are posted at one place, if they so desire.

xxv) Transfers will as far as possible be synchronised with the end of the academic year so that the education of children does not suffer.

xxvi) An index card for each employee may be maintained at Directorate or Regional Zonal Office as the case may be. This index card will contain the record of the employee's previous postings/transfers and also his latest choice of stations of next posting and would be consulted before every transfer/posting.

2. Transfer policy, as enunciated above, should be implemented as objectively as possible. If any exception is required to be made, it should be got approved at the highest level in the Directorate.

Yours faithfully,

Dy. Secretary to the Govt. Of India.






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